How to get a www URL for custom domain to work on Blogger

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If you buy your custom domain name (www URL) from follow the steps below to create a CNAME record for your custom domain.

1.Login to your GoDaddy Account.

2.Open the Domains tab and select My Domain Names. You'll be directed to the Domain Manager page.

3.Click the domain that you'd like to use with your blog.If you have one domain name click on it.

4.Click the Total DNS Control And MX Records link at the bottom of the section entitled Total DNS.

5.Click "Add New CNAME Record" in the box labelled CNAMES (aliases). If you've already created a CNAME record for your blog's address, click the pencil icon next to the existing CNAME record.

6.For the Alias Name, enter only the subdomain of the address you want to use for your blog. For example, if you picked as your address, enter "www" here.

7.For the Host Name, Enter "" as the . Specify a TTL or use the default setting of 1 hour.
Click OK, and then click OK again.

8.It'll take a few hours, maybe a day or so, for this to "take". So give it a day or so,then check that "" really does point to To do this go to

In the box enter "" (obviously changing it to your own real domain name, with the www), click Check Domain, wait a bit, and the results should say that your www points to

If your "" really does point to ,Now go to below steps.

9.Login to your blogger dashboard--> settings- ->Publishing

10.Now Click on " Custom Domain".

11.Now Click on " Switch to advanced settings".

12.Now you must enter your domain name as the picture below.

Note : you should enter the "www" part also when you give Blogger your domain name, and Save your settings.

Now you are done.Test the "www" address in your browser and hopefully it should now go to your blog and show your new domain name.

Note : To get a free domain name click here.

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  1. Ron says:

    hello.i used to register my i dont have those options there that u have at godaddy
    my domain is
    when i try to open i get some message from is a part of the message
    Your Name Servers May Need Updating

    If you are reaching this page, it means that your name servers may be pointed to and instead of the name servers associated with your HostGator Web Hosting account.

    In order for you to see your website via your domain name, you will need to change your name servers to the ones provided in your welcome e-mail. If you are on HostGator shared web hosting, you can also find out what your name servers are in your cPanel.

    If you need assistance with finding out the proper name servers for your HostGator Web Hosting account, you can contact us by e-mailing us, creating a ticket, live chat or giving us a call (our contact information is listed below).

    How to Change Your Name Servers

    For directions on how to change name servers, please view our knowledge base article here:
    How do I change my DNS or name servers?

    Changes Must Propagate (Update) Worldwide

    If you've recently changed your name servers, it may take 24 to 48 hours for the name server changes to propagate (update) worldwide. Some people will see the change instantly, and some will see the change within 48 hours.

    If you cannot see your site after changing the name servers due to propagation, it may be because your computer is remembering the old name server settings. You may be able to see your site sooner by flushing the DNS on your computer (assuming your internet service provider is not also caching the DNS). You can follow the directions here to do that:
    Flush DNS

    If flushing the DNS does not work, then either the name servers have not been updated, or your internet service provider (ISP) is caching the DNS. If your internet service provider is caching the DNS, you will have to wait until propagation finishes to view your site via your domain name. This can take up to 48 hours.

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