How To Install Dynamic Meta Description Tags

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If you define a meta description tag for your home page it will be replicated for all your pages which would be taken as a duplicate ‘meta-tag’ in Google. With the code below you can have different description tag for each page of your blogspot hosted blog.

1.Login to your blogger dashboard-->layout--> Edit HTML

2.Scroll down to where you see this:-

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

3.Copy the below code and paste it after above code.

<META NAME='description' expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle + &quot;,PUT IN YOUR COMMON BLOG DESCRIPTION TAGS HERE &quot;'/>

Replace PUT IN YOUR COMMON BLOG DESCRIPTION TAGS HERE with suitable description for your blog separated by comma. So if your blog is about Blogger tips,the tags can be blogger tips,tricks,hacks,blogspot tips .....

expr:content= ‘data:blog.pageTitle’ gets replaced by the title of your current page.So when combined with the common description tags, the description tag becomes unique for each page.

4.Click on "Save Templates" and you are done.

File Under : meta tags, seo

13 Responses to “How To Install Dynamic Meta Description Tags”

  1. james says:

    Thanks for sharing great info!

  2. DezMoinez says:

    thanks for idea

  3. afila says:

    nice. thanks.
    but, i looking for dynamick meta description for my blog. can any help me???

  4. nuwBE Albaroyo says:

    nice post brother

  5. Keshav says:

    Great info. But how do we add different keywords then?

  6. Usha says:

    Thank you. Good one.

  7. Mido says:

    thanks nice tipic

  8. Christian says:

    Very nice guide, but I just cant get it to work? Would you plz see what Im doing wrong? ?
    Thank you very much. I have been following your posts, and they are the best!

  9. Ahmad Najiullah says:

    thanks for sharing,...

  10. Johnny Wirjosandjojo says:

    thanks. it works. 😀

  11. Deepak says:

    thanks admin this is very important post for me i have install meta tag in my site.

  12. abdie says:

    it works!! Thank you 😉

  13. ProSourceCode says:

    thanks. it's working.

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