How to Activate HTTPS on Blogger Custom Domains

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Few days ago, Blogger added a long-awaited feature for custom domains. Now Blogger offers you the opportunity to test the HTTPS protocol for blogs with a custom domain.

1. To make the HTTPS option available for your blog, go to the user settings and switch to Blogger draft.

Dashboard ► Settings ► User Settings ► General ► Use Blogger Draft ► Yes.

Since then, the HTTPS option will be available for your blog.

2. Now go to Dashboard ► Settings ► Basic ► HTTPS.

3. Change "HTTPS Availability" to "Yes" and wait few minutes until Blogger generate a SSL certificate for your domain.

Blogger HTTPS Availability for Custom Domains

4. After that you can see the HTTPS Redirect option for your custom domain. change "HTTPS Redirect" to "Yes".

Blogger HTTPS Redirect Option for Custom Domains

Now you have successfully activated a SSL Certificate / HTTPS for your blog with a custom domain.

According to a Blogger developer:

Due to the large number of custom domain blogs, Blogger will gradually and safely launch the feature into the default interface starting in the first quarter of 2018.

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