3 Reasons You Should Put More Wedding Content On Your Blog

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The wedding industry is perhaps one of the most lucrative out. Not only do couples spend billions on weddings every year, but they do so with businesses that they can trust. And if you’ve been looking for a new revenue stream for your blog, then the wedding business might be your chance to earn some money as a thought leader. However, that’s why I’m giving you a few helpful tips on how to get started. Check them out below:

It’s A Great Opportunity To Build Authority

As a blogger, authority is the name of the game. Not only is this going to be how you’ll gain more followers, but additionally expand your network into a new audience. While that might sound obvious, can give your brand some long-term positive growth. For example, as noted by Vision Critical, approximately 63 percent of consumers want to buy from an authentic brand, which gaining partnerships can help you build. However, if this is territory for you, then there are a few key steps you should take.

First, look at your immediate network and see if there are any wedding companies you feel as though could help you gain a sense of authority. For example, talking with someone that can make a custom bridal gown or owns a popular venue might be advantageous, as their knowledge base will give your blog more quality content. Additionally, don’t be afraid to invite someone that you know little about, as they can be a great teacher on a subject, and thus, to your audience as well.

In making a list of those who are going to give you a sense of authority, try and find participants that vary from a number of disciplines in the wedding industry. This includes anyone from caterers to wedding DJ’s, as the goal is to highlight the different aspects that make them unique. All-in-all, be patient with your approach to wedding content, as it’s going to be something you should get quality over quantity on.

People Appreciate The Guidance

Another great aspect of including more wedding content is it provides guidance in an area that most people don’t know they need. As one of the biggest financial commitments of our lives, getting married can be quite the costly affair, which not everyone budgets for accordingly. Because as noted by GoBankingRate, with 69 percent of Americans having less than $1,000 in their savings account, being truly prepared to get married is no simple task, which you should be there to help them along the way.

In coming up with a list of what you’re going to include with content, make a list of the types of advice that’d be worthwhile for you to relay. No matter if it’s how to look for a loan or find the best venue, work from your strengths, highlighting what you know for certain. Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to bring on others that have a better sense of knowledge on a subject, especially as a guest blogger or contributor. Your goal should be to have information and insights that are worth checking up on and getting into, garnering more traffic gradually over time.

You’ll Increase Consulting Work For Social

Finally, as one of the best parts of being a blogger, the amount of work you can pick up as a social media consultant for weddings is endless. According to Social Media Today, over 40 million people use Pinterest to plan their wedding. And if you can help brands tap into that market, then you’ll be off to the races in no time.

To truly get into social media consulting, you first need to see how you can build up case studies and examples of your previous works. For the wedding industry, I’d recommend starting small and working from there, perhaps doing short runs of promotional content for some brands. Furthermore, keep track of quantifiable metrics that you can relay later on. For example, if you are on Instagram and being able to show someone the number of followers gained or impressions made can be way more helpful for you. As getting a high amount of followers is so challenging, therefore the organic growth tools for Instagram may help to increase your follower count. For any platform you are using, may try to utilize tools to grow faster. As social media can be a pretty great place for the wedding industry, it’s also one that’s incredibly competitive, so be mindful of the competition that lies ahead.

Come up with a plan for clients that you can start to do full-circle campaigns with, including for your content and social services. The overarching mission is to be the person they eventually call on for all wedding related content, which while it will take some time to build that reputation, will be well-worth it in the end. Remember, weddings are a big industry and one that could bring in some significant income for you. Which, is the goal of any blog, right?

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