How To Setup/Create Facebook Fan Page For Blogger

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on March 18th, 2010 File Under : facebook28 Comments

In this article I hope to explain how to create a facebook fan page for your blog,and after that how to setup it to publish your blog post/articles.After you doing this, your facebook friends can read your blog post from your facebook fan page and can become fans of your blog.This is very helpful to become your blog more popular.To do this follow the steps below.

1.First login to your Facebook Account.

2.Now go to this link:

3.You can see a screen like below.Fill the information and click on "Create Page".

4.Now you have created a facebook fan page.You can see a screen like this:

Now we must import your blog post to this fan page.Click on "Edit Page".

5.In next window click on "Edit" link under "Notes" section.

You can see a screen like this:

6.Now click on "Import a blog".

7.Give your website URL and click on "Start Importing".

8.Now you can see a confirmation window:

Click on "Confirm Import".

9.You are done.Now when you publish a blog post,it will automatically publish your facebook fan page.

You can add a picture for your fan page,configure settings,... as you like.

You can see my facebook fan pages from here:

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28 Responses to “How To Setup/Create Facebook Fan Page For Blogger”

  1. Beben says:

    wooohhh...i am not do it...
    thanks my friend...

  2. Beben says:

    i have to...hihihihi

  3. says:

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  4. Blogger Tips and Tricks says:

    Thanks Good Info..

  5. VnBlog@net says:

    thank, can i read and translate it into vietnamee and post ít in

  6. Blogger Tips And Tricks|Latest Tips For Bloggers says:

    Ok VnBlog@net,

    You can translate it.But you must add a link to this post.

  7. VnBlog@net says:

    thank Lasantha Bandara,
    i have done it, can you see in:
    and check link to thí post

  8. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the easy to follow step-by-step

  9. Rajavel says:

    thank u frnd

  10. Rojin Giri says:

    With your help, tips and suggestions I have created this blog.

    Thanks You

  11. Abhi says:

    Dear It Cost To Create A Page. How May Page Can be Create In An Account. Reply Me back At

  12. Abhi says:

    does it cost to create a page on facebook. if yes the how much. how many pages can be create ? do reply

  13. 2t@ says:

    tnks i have just finish to creat my page fan

  14. Maria Gridley says:

    I tried to do this, I created the page..but then when I tried to import my blog it says "Import Failed We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."

    Im not sure why it says that.. my blog url is correct.

  15. Ms Muffin says:

    Same thing happened to me - it says no feed was found. What can I do to import my blog?

  16. Blogger Tips And Tricks|Latest Tips For Bloggers says:

    @Maria Gridley

    use this URL for the feed address :

    Remember to replace "YOURBLOG" with your real blog name.

  17. Ms Muffin says:

    I tried that already with this URL
    Still says
    Import Failed
    We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided.

    Oh, I did replace YOURBLOG with my blog name 😉
    Any other suggestions?

  18. Ms Muffin says:

    @ Maria Gridley and @ author

    I figured it out! Well ... or, well not really. But it seems somehow Facebook does not work well with Firebox - the browser I use. I had this problem already a couple times. Like when I add photos it is simply impossible with Firefox so I always use Internet Explorer for this. After I had tried all different sources to figure out why my feed could not be read I remembered that I always seemed to have trouble in Firefox and switched to Internet Explorer - and guess what: it works!!! I imported my blog successfully! Very happy!
    So Maria, if you happen to use Firefox try using another browser for this.
    I have no idea why Firefox and Facebook don't get along ...

  19. Asad Manzoor says:

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  20. Ravi Saive says:

    i tried number of times to create my blog fan page but its fails importing blogger posts.

  21. Ms Muffin says:

    Well, I did not figure it out after all ...
    It is really annoying!
    It sometimes suddenly lets me add my feed ... but it does not update the fanpage when I write a new post to my blog. No update no matter how long I wait. Already wrote to facebook ... but they do not really reply!
    So sad ... would really like to figure this one out!

  22. egyhacks says:


  23. އެޑްމިން says:

    Import Failed
    We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided.

    i have this problem.

  24. Michael Anderson says:

    Really interesting thank you, It is my opinion your current followers would probably want further blog posts like this maintain the excellent work.

  25. teariris says:

    hello .. Thanks u.. Mr.Lasantha . . . You site is really
    nice and u give many knowledge for me .

  26. Boy Bastos says:

    this is not working anymore, try it can publish your blog to facebook

  27. Raze says:

    i could not find this option on facebook new timeline,,

    my page is

  28. Rohit Upadhyay says:

    Well your post was great. Thanks for it....

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