How To Import Blogger blog to Networked Blog in Facebook

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This tutorial explains that how to create a facebook networked blog using your blogger blog.After creating this you can invite your readers to follow your blog directly or adding the NetworkedBlogs widget.I give the explanation step by step how do this.Follow the steps below to create your facebook Networked Blog.

1.First login to your facebook account.

2.Now go to below address.

3.You can see a screen like this:

Click on "Allow".

4.In next window,click on "Yes,share my email" (If you like).

5.Now go to below address.

Now you can add your blog from here to Networked Blog.

6.Fill your blog details and click on "Next".

7.Now Give your blog Feed URL and click on "Next".

8.Now you have to verify the ownership of your blog.Click on "Yes".

9.In next window click on "Use our widget to verify ownership".

10.Now add their widget code to your site.You can remove the code from your site,after verification.

11.After adding code,click on "Verify Widget".

12.You can see a message like below.Click on "Next".

13.Now you have successfully added your blog to the Networked Blog.Look at the picture below.

14.From the Blog Feed section click on "Pull Now".

15.After that refresh your page.

16.Now you can see your latest blog posts in Networked Blog.

17.Click on "Feed Setting".

18.Check the box "Auto-publish to personal profile".

19.Click on "Allow Publishing".

20.Click on "Allow".

21.Click on "Publish a Test Post".

22.Click on "Back to blog page".

23.You are done.Now your latest blog post automatically published in your networked blog and also your fackbook profile wall.

Invite your readers to follow your blog.

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    thanks for posting,

  2. MCD3.INC says:

    Great post, do you have now if this will work for a facebook page, that you might have created?

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    nice one thanks

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    Nice post 🙂 Foken refs

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    Thankx bro for the tips.

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