How To Get Your Own Facebook Domain/Username

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Someone can use your username or user ID to access into your Facebook account. But unlike usernames, users ids are hard to remember and not human friendly. Normally your Facebook account URL will be look like this:

As you can see, above URL is not user friendly. So you can use a short and simple URL for your Facebook account creating an username. Generally, a short URL is easy to remember and very convenient to market your FB profile. So shorter Id holders often get more likes, comments, and reviews than longer ones.

For example this is my Facebook account URL:

To add your own Facebook username follow the easy steps given below.

1.Login to your facebook account.

2.Go to

3.You can see a screen like below. Click on "More".

Get Your Own Facebook Username

4.Now enter your desired username as the example below and click on "Check availability".

Facebook Username Check availability

If your username available you can get it clicking on "Confirm".

Confirm Your Facebook Username

You are done. Now if someone has your username, they can type "" into their browser and see your public information, as well as anything else they're in the audience for.

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3 Responses to “How To Get Your Own Facebook Domain/Username”

  1. Alessandro says:

    Thanks.. ^___^

  2. Hugo says:

    Thanks or in portuguese "Obrigado!"

    A lot of time i was looking for this issue!

    Good luck for you!

  3. RaYZoR says:

    Can you do the something similar for Facebook fan pages?

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