How To Create/Setup Sub-Domain in GoDaddy

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on March 10th, 2010 File Under : domain, go daddy11 Comments

In previous article I explain how to create a sub-domain with Enom.Today I am going to explain to how create/setup a sub domain with GoDaddy.If you registered your domain with GoDaddy and want create sub-domains from your custom domain,then this article will guide you for it.So read the article carefully and follow the steps correctly.There is not hard thing to do.

For easy explanation if we think your domain is "" and you want to make a subdomain as "".

1.First login to your GoDaddy Account.

2.Now click on the "Advanced details" link of the domain you want to configure.

3.Now click on "Total DNS Control" from Total DNS section.

4.You can see a screen look like below:

Under "CNAMES (Aliases)" section, click on "Add New CNAME Record".

5.In next window Enter the below detail for your sub-domain.

Alias Name : blog (Instead of "blog",enter your sub-domain here)

Host Name :

6.Now click OK.

You are done.Now you can add your new sub domain to a another site/blogger blog.

File Under : domain, go daddy

11 Responses to “How To Create/Setup Sub-Domain in GoDaddy”

  1. michaelvk says:

    I followed your instructions on creating a sub-domain so that I could use this to create an "about me" static page in Blogger with a different layout to my main post page. Now I have my subdomain what on earth do i do to link it back to my new static page and how do I create the separate layout? Thanks, i appreciate anyone's help in this!

  2. Ample says:

    There are time, I felt godaddy are making simple thing complicated. Glad I found this article. Thanks.

  3. RockDJ says:

    i cant restore godady . " A (Host) Record "
    orginal ip ?
    i clicked restore default setting but didn add a host record.

  4. My Tech Speak says:

    Thanks a lot for the help. There are numerous idiotic help links outside. This has the valid one.

  5. shekhar says:

    I hv Custom Domain From Blooger,i did same, can you tell me how to add the subdomain , means how i make that url to publish, coz blogger not giving permission to make new address with this subdomain, my

  6. abed says:

    Thank you

  7. Yong Custodio says:

    Whew! Thank you for this article. GoDaddy is tricky as compared to Hosts with CPanel!

  8. Varinder Pal Singh says:

    Thank you so much for the tips this will helped me a lot. Thanks again.

  9. Tonmoy Roy says:

    Thanks a lot. I have successfully done this. And now i can make numerous subdomains for my site.
    Thanks again.

  10. Madush says:

    Nice post thanks Lasantha

  11. temo says:

    thank you

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