Blogger’s New Interface Now Available for All Draft Users

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on July 8th, 2011 File Under : news15 Comments

Blogger announced that "As of right now, the Blogger new interface is available for all Blogger in Draft users. There is no sign up or activation process required. Just visit Blogger in Draft, and you’ll find the revamped interface, all ready for your exploration!" Blogger's new Interface very attractive and faster than old interface. Also very easy to adapt to this new interface.You will definitely like it.

Blogger in Draft Homepage

If you’re not yet on Blogger in Draft, simply go to, and check on the "Make Blogger in Draft my default" option on your dashboard.

Blogger in Draft Dahboard

File Under : news

15 Responses to “Blogger’s New Interface Now Available for All Draft Users”

  1. Anwar Suran says:


  2. Kurnia Septa says:

    hehe.. i dont't like

  3. MangDe says:

    i dont try it yet, but it looks nice and simple..

  4. Ravi Saive says:

    hehe i like it...

  5. Anggi Setyawan says:

    I like this :)))))

  6. Anirudh ~ Except Nothing | says:

    @Ravi Saive It's Good But hard to Navigate

  7. mayur vyas says:

    Like to use this..

  8. mayur vyas says:

    Good Interface.. i have been using with good effect

  9. Nana True says:

    New blogger draft seems to look like as wordpress to me.But I really like google plus,could you install google plus for your blog followers as well?

  10. Nana True says:

    Hi Lasantha,could you pleeeease install google plus for us in your blog.

  11. Aniefiok Ukang: populary call-Bill Gates Guide says:

    it really a secret and it's nice though i have not try it but going it a try soon. Than

  12. Mohammad says:

    i like it.........mannn

  13. niketan says:

    old one is good with simple look is complicated.

  14. saif zaib khalid says:

    Hello every one nice site

    geeing comments

  15. Ruxandra says:

    I like it ... but i can't put emoticons anymore ...And its not that fun without them 🙁 Does someone know if there is a way to do that with this new interface ?

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