21 Amazing jQuery Tabs Collection

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Using jQuery,we can do many things very easily than normal JavaScript.So jQuery has became the most popular JavaScript library in use today.I wrote my previous article about popular jQuery featured content sliders,that are used by web designers.In this article I am going to show you a better jQuery Tabs collection you can use for your websites or blogs.When we go to websites,we can see different types of jQuery Tabs.If you add a tab view to your website,it save a lot of space in your web pages.Also it gives a better appearance to your website or blog.

21 Amazing jQuery Tabs CollectionYou can visit authors websites for configuration instructions/guides,can view live demos of these jQuery Tabs and also you can download files of these tabs using the URLs given below.I checked all of these links and they are working correctly.But in future if this links doesn't work, please leave a comment.I hope to add more jQuery tabs to this article in the future ,so bookmark this web page for future reference.If there is a jQuery tab you like,but you can not add it to your website or blog yourself,you can contact me,I can do it for you.

1. Simple Tabs w/ CSS & jQuery

Article : http://www.sohtanaka.com/web-design/simple-tabs-w-css-jquery/

Demo : http://www.sohtanaka.com/web-design/examples/tabs/

2. jQuery Tabbed Interface / Tabbed Structure Menu Tutorial

Article : http://www.queness.com/post/106/jquery-tabbed-interfacetabbed-structure-menu-tutorial

Demo : http://www.queness.com/resources/html/tabmenu/jquery-tabbed-menu-queness.html

Download : http://www.queness.com/resources/archives/jquery-tab-menu.zip

3. jQuery Sliding Tab Menu for Sidebar Tutorial

Article : http://www.queness.com/post/274/jquery-sliding-tab-menu-for-sidebar-tutorial

Demo : http://www.queness.com/resources/html/scrollto/index.html

Download : http://www.queness.com/resources/archives/jquery-scrollto.zip

4. Create a smooth tabbed menu in jQuery

Article : http://yensdesign.com/2008/12/create-a-smooth-tabbed-menu-in-jquery/

Demo : http://yensdesign.com/tutorials/tabs/

Download : http://www.yensdesign.com/tutorials/tabs/tabs.zip

5. Updated JQuery Nested Tab Set with Demo

Article : http://blog.cutterscrossing.com/index.cfm/2007/6/15/Updated-JQuery-Nested-Tab-Set-with-Demo

Demo : http://blog.cutterscrossing.com/index.cfm/2007/6/15/Updated-JQuery-Nested-Tab-Set-with-Demo

Download : http://blog.cutterscrossing.com/enclosures/JQueryTabsDemo.zip

6. Sweet AJAX Tabs With jQuery 1.4 & CSS3

Article : http://tutorialzine.com/2010/01/sweet-tabs-jquery-ajax-css/

Demo : http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2010/01/sweet-tabs-jquery-ajax-css/demo.html

Download : http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2010/01/sweet-tabs-jquery-ajax-css/demo.zip

7. Animated tabbed content with jQuery

Article : http://www.gayadesign.com/diy/animated-tabbed-content-with-jquery/

Demo : http://www.gayadesign.com/scripts/tabbed/

Download : http://www.gayadesign.com/scripts/tabbed/tabbedContent.zip

8. Tab Navigation with Smooth Horizontal Sliding Using jQuery

Article : http://www.learningjquery.com/2009/09/tab-navigation-with-smooth-horizontal-sliding-using-jquery

Demo : http://www.learningjquery.com/2009/09/tab-navigation-with-smooth-horizontal-sliding-using-jquery

Download : http://assets.learningjquery.com/zips/tab-nav.zip

9. jQuery idTabs

Article : http://www.sunsean.com/idTabs/

Demo : http://www.sunsean.com/idTabs/

Download : http://www.sunsean.com/idTabs/jquery.idTabs.min.js

10. Flowplayer Tabs

Article : http://flowplayer.org/tools/tabs/index.html

Demo : http://flowplayer.org/tools/demos/tabs/index.html

Download : http://flowplayer.org/tools/img/tabs/tabs.zip

11. Create a Slide Tabbed Box using jQuery

Article : http://www.hieu.co.uk/blog/index.php/2009/01/28/how-easy-to-create-a-slide-tabbed-box-using-jquery/

Demo : http://www.hieu.co.uk/Examples/SlideTabs/index.html

Download : http://www.hieu.co.uk/Examples/SlideTabs.zip

12. Flipping Content Tabs Using jQuery

Article : http://webdeveloperplus.com/jquery/create-flipping-content-tabs-using-jquery/

Demo : http://demo.webdeveloperplus.com/flipping-tabs/

Download : http://demo.webdeveloperplus.com/source-code/flipping-tabs.zip

13. Create A Tabbed Interface Using jQuery

Article : http://net.tutsplus.com/javascript-ajax/create-a-tabbed-interface-using-jquery/

Demo : http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/042_jQueryUITabs/demo/index.html

Download : http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/042_jQueryUITabs/source.zip

14. Create a Slick Tabbed Content Area using CSS & jQuery

Article : http://net.tutsplus.com/html-css-techniques/how-to-create-a-slick-tabbed-content-area/

Demo : http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/001_Tabbed/site/jQuery.html

Download : http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/001_Tabbed/TabsPSD.zip

15. Dynamic Fun with SimplePie and jQuery

Article : http://net.tutsplus.com/javascript-ajax/building-a-better-blogroll-dynamic-fun-with-simplepie-and-jquery/

Demo : http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/036_BetterBlogRoll/sourceFiles/index.html

Download : http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/036_BetterBlogRoll/sourceFiles.zip

16. Creating Rotating Tabs using jQuery

Article : http://www.ilovecolors.com.ar/rotating-jquery-tabs/

Demo : http://www.ilovecolors.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/rotating-jquery-tabs/

Download : http://www.ilovecolors.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/rotating-jquery-tabs1.zip

17. Ultra simple jQuery tabs

Article : http://justfreetemplates.com/blog/2009/08/31/ultra-simple-jquery-tabs.html

Demo : http://justfreetemplates.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/simple-jquery-tabs.html

18. jQuery To Fade Effects tabs

Article : http://www.roseindia.net/ajax/jquery/fadeEffectTabs.shtml

Demo : http://www.roseindia.net/ajax/jquery/fadeEffectTab.html

19. Playing with jQuery Tabs

Article : http://insideria.com/2009/03/playing-with-jquery-tabs.html

Demo : http://www.coldfusionjedi.com/demos/jquerytabs/test.cfm

20. Degradable Tabs With jQuery UI

Article : http://www.ultramegatech.com/blog/2009/09/degradable-tabs-with-jquery-ui/

Demo : http://www.ultramegatech.com/blog/examples/tabs.htm

21. jQuery UI Tabs with Next/Previous

Article : http://css-tricks.com/jquery-ui-tabs-with-nextprevious/

Demo : http://css-tricks.com/examples/TabsNextPrev/

Download : http://css-tricks.com/examples/TabsNextPrev.zip

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