7 Reasons CBD Gummies Are Going Mainstream

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In the last couple of years, CBD gummies have been among the most popular health and wellness products in the supplement market. They’re legally sold in nearly every state, usually in online marketplaces or at marijuana dispensaries (in states where it’s legal). According to charasscientific.com, there are many misconceptions about CBD gummies, but as the truth regarding their ability to promote health and wellness becomes more apparent, they’re becoming more popular.

Edible CBD gummies are easy to consume and have a number of benefits. If you’ve ever wondered why they’re so popular, here are seven reasons you can probably identify with.

1. They Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Those who suffer from chronic pain often turn to CBD for relief. It’s also effective in reducing inflammation from injuries or chronic illnesses like arthritis. It complements the endocannabinoid system in your body, which sends signals to your brain that cause pain and inflammation. CBD blocks some of the endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain and related symptoms.

Remedies derived from the hemp plant have long been used to reduce pain and inflammation, but many users don’t like the “high” feeling they get when using these products. They prefer to have their wits about them, and CBD gummies are the perfect alternative. CBD sold legally does not have psychoactive properties, so you can maintain your state of mind while enjoying the pain relief benefits.

2. There Are Numerous Mental Health Benefits

The physical health effects of CBD gummies are compelling, but it’s probably the mental health benefits that make it truly popular. According to research, mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression are incredibly common, affecting about 50 percent of the population in some form on a daily basis.

There are clinical and pharmaceutical treatments for these mental health disorders, but they require an appointment with a health care professional. They often come with uncomfortable side effects as well. These factors make it difficult for all those suffering from these issues to get the treatment they need.

CBD gummies are an incredibly effective and simple solution. They can be purchased online and can be taken whenever you’re feeling particularly stressed, anxious, or depressed. Anecdotal evidence clearly demonstrates that these gummies bring almost instant calm and relaxation for those whose minds race and stress without control.

3. Celebrities Are Endorsing Them

It’s hard to combat the influence of athletes and celebrities, and many have endorsed the use of CBD for treating various ailments, from pain to stress. Mandy Moore, for example, reported using CBD oil to reduce the pain from wearing her very high heels. Willie Nelson, Dr. Oz, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Seth Rogan, Whoopi Goldberg, Morgan Freeman, and many others have also uttered their public endorsement of the supplement for various uses.

Their approval of the product is helping barriers surrounding the acceptance of CBD products break down. As it becomes legally and more socially acceptable in a variety of states, it become trendier to use it, aiding with the popularity explosion.

4. They Prevent and Treat Serious Illnesses

CBD has been proven in many clinical settings to support overall health and wellness. Very recently, the FDA approved a CBD drug called Epidolex, which is a cannabidiol-based drug that doesn’t include THC, the chemical compound responsible for creating a “high” feeling.

After several studies showing consistent results, it was discovered that CBD is extremely effective in treating those with epilepsy, both children and adults. It reduces the frequency and severity of seizures, making it easier for individuals to live a more normal lifestyle.

Epilepsy is just the beginning of CBD’s medical benefits. Other studies have shown very positive results in the treatment and prevention of serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, acne, and more.

There have also been compelling studies to promote its involvement in fighting cancer. In studies on mice and rats, cannabidiol caused cancer cells to destroy themselves, letting healthy cells take their places. As a result, CBD reduces the spread of cancer and could potentially cure it in the very early stages.

5. There’s Money in the Industry

According to financial experts, the CBD industry is the next big thing in the United States. It’s already made billions and is projected to reach $22 billion by 2022. Because entrepreneurs are making money consistently from CBD product sales, the market will continue to make money and grow bigger and bigger.

“This industry has grown out of nowhere, based on word of mouth marketing,” Bethany Gomez of the Brightfield Group told Rolling Stone. “There’s no real mass market retailers that are covering it.” This testifies of the sheer success of the products.

And CBD is available in many more forms than just gummies. There are capsules, oils, lotions, chocolates, beverages, and more. Each of these products brings in its own impressive revenue stream and audience. Where there’s money to be made, the market will continue.

6. They Taste Pretty Good

This particular reason is, of course, subjective, but many who have tried CBD gummies continually go back because it offers numerous health benefits and a great taste. Flavors vary, but they’re typically fruity or tangy, and the texture is fun and enjoyable. They also come in a variety of shapes, from gummy bears to worms to trees.

There are also many different flavors available to pique your interest. The flavors mask the original, earthy taste of CBD, so it’s a much more enjoyable experience to eat them.

7. It’s Easy to Take Them

CBD gummies are perhaps the most convenient form. Whenever you’re feeling the need—for physical and or mental wellness reasons—you can easily pop a gummy into your mouth and enjoy the benefits.

It’s also discreet. CBD is becoming more widely accepted, but many people still possess strong, misinformed opinions about the drug. CBD gummies can be taken anywhere without anyone the wiser.

CBD gummies are certainly going mainstream, and their momentum isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. The benefits are only becoming clearer as more and more individuals try them. Legal CBD is safe and effective, and it’s only going to grow as it becomes more socially acceptable.

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