Importance of Improving Your Health and Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

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You work hard to provide a comfortable life for you and your family. However, if you neglect yourself in the process, you aren't really able to enjoy the lifestyle you've helped to create. Luckily, there are so many ways to get a fresh start in life by changing your eating, sleeping and workout habits.

Maintaining an Active Life

A huge component of your overall good health is staying active. You can add steps each day to your daily tasks by parking the car further away when running errands, taking walks or a jog and making it a habit to spend more time outdoors with your family. In addition to putting a spring in your step, joining a gym or more specific form of organized fitness gives you an outlet and personal time designed just for you. With either, there are many activities to give you a variety of things to do, allowing you to mix things up and avoid boredom. For instance, you can work out on your own for a day and then schedule a Pure Barre class another day to improve your body's strength, balance, and range of motion. These types of strenuous workouts get your body sweating and the results linger on for long after your session is over. This keeps your metabolism at a higher level than normal so you burn calories faster.

Benefits of Shedding the Extra Pounds

Losing the extra weight has many added benefits with the obvious being your appearance. When you start to see your silhouette look good in the mirror you feel good and it inspires you to continue on. Additionally, with the added weight gone you move about easier, have more energy and reduce your chances of acquiring illnesses and diseases like diabetes and some types of cancer. In addition, if you maintain a healthy weight you're less likely to need medications and require less doctors visits.

Eating Right

Giving your body the nourishment it needs makes your body stronger on the inside and healthier looking on the outside. Processed foods and excessive amounts of sugar not only created additional pounds quickly but they provide you with little or no nutrition. If you enjoy these foods, ween off them slowly. Instead of eating out two to three times each week, mark one day on your calendar as your "go for it" day. This will keep you on track for six out of the seven days and once you see that you feel better without the fast foods, you'll reserve them for vacations and rare outings. Eating things such as lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and omega-3s will give your body what it needs to sustain overall health. Eating right also helps to reduce your chances of acquiring colds, illnesses, as well as a heart attack or a stroke.

Benefits of Regular Sleep

Eating right and getting regular exercise are key to maintaining your overall health. However, they are only part of the equation. Getting adequate amounts of sleep, anywhere from 7 to 8 hours nightly, is also important. When you sleep your body begins to repair itself helping to thwart off possible sickness, illnesses, and even diseases. Additionally, when you get enough rest you wake up feeling refreshed and alive, ready to tackle anything. Your mood is positive, your focus improved and the creative juices ready for use. Proper amounts of sleep can also help you to lose those stubborn last 10 pounds that won't seem to disappear and decrease your level of stress.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle keeps you fit, energized and can prolong your life. It also makes you feel terrific and promotes a higher quality of life so that you are able to enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

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