How To Submit blogger sitemap to yahoo to index your web pages

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Submitting your site to yahoo is easy and give your web pages more exposure.
All you need is a YAHOO ACCOUNT(ID).However,you don't need an yahoo ID to know the information like how many pages are indexed,etc.But,if your blog is a new one or no pages in your blog are indexed(type your blog url in yahoo search and see to check whether your web pages are indexed or not), then you want Yahoo id to submit your sites,feeds,etc.
Let't see how to make yahoo index your webpages by submitting your blog sitemap.

1.Go to Yahoo Site Explorer

2.Click on the 'Sign in' link which is at the top of the page (If you don't have a Yahoo id, you can get one here) to sign into your account.

3.Type your blog url in the box provided and click on the 'Add My Site'

4.After adding your site,you need to Authenticate(Verify your ownership).

Now click on the site name which submitted you and then click 'Authenticate' in the next page.

There are two ways to verify your ownership.One is to upload a file to the root directory of your site which can't be possible in blogger.

Another one is to 'adding a metatag' which is possible and the only way to verify ownership for bloggers.First,copy the metatag..

Next,sign in to your blogger account>Edit html and paste the metatag below the head tag and SAVE THE CHANGES.

When you return to Yahoo! Site Explorer, click the button that says “Ready to Authenticate

Next,you will get a message saying that 'Your site is pending authentication'

Note:Don't remove the metatag,they will revalidate your ownership by checking your ownership regularly.

5.Next,go back to the 'Site explorer home', and check the box next to your blog url and click on the Manage button.

6.Type rss.xml or atom.xml in the box provided.It helps yahoo to discover more of your site content via your rss or atom feeds and to index your blog pages quickly whenever your blog is updated.Next,click on the add feed button.

That's it.Now,you have sucessfully submitted your blog sitemap to yahoo.Check your account after a couple of days and you will see your blog indexed in yahoo search engine.

Meanwhile,if you didn't submitted your blog sitemap to google,please read this about How to Submit your blog sitemap to Google

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