How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate – Ultimate Guide

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Make money online is very popular discussion on the internet. Peoples are using various methods to make money online. Those are Online advertising ( PPC, CPM, Selling Ads space...), Freelancing,  Affiliate marketing, selling various stuff online ( Both Physical and Digital Stuff ). Actually I know, If your a newbie, You have doubt about this methods. " Can i really make money online ?"  Answer is confidently "yes". I know some people earn money online more than $10k per month. So, You can start make money online. Today, I am talk about Amazon affiliate program. Amazon is the world biggest online shopping center. Also, This is a very good income source for us. Simply join their affiliate program and promote their products online. You can able to earn commission after people purchased products. I started to work with amazon 2013  June. Now, I am earning  some good amount of money with amazon .I am very happy about that so far. The reason of write this article is share my experience with you. Ok, Lets start..

# About


Amazon is the world biggest online shopping platform. Also, It is very trusty place to deal online. Anyone can purchase any products from any countries through Amazon without much effort. It has everything that you need both physical and digital products in various categories. Millions of people are visiting  daily to  to purchase various products online. ( Last week, I purchased a  Apple MacBook Pro from Amazon ). So, don't hesitate to join their affiliate program. You can promote Amazon products online and earn good commission.

"My Amazon Affiliate Earning Report in Last Five Days"

My Amazon-Earning-Report

Amazon Earning

# Why People are choosing amazon affiliate Program to earn money online?

Most trusted name on the Internet - Main reason behind this, amazon is the very trusted name on the internet. Everyone know about amazon. So, people like to work with trusted company like amazon always.

Different different products ( Physical & Digital Stuff ) - You can find various type of  products on the amazon not only high value products but also low value products. I want to say, they will give you 4% commission rate  at the beginning, but after that they will increase your commission rate gradually. Yaa..It is a low rate. But, If you promote high value product, you can get good commission. I know some people discourage about this low commission rate. But, my advice is don't discourage. Try to work with amazon affiliate.

Very Easy Controlling - Very easy to work with Amazon affiliate program. Once you join with amazon affiliate you can enter its affiliate control panel. It has lot of option to promote products. Also, You can get affiliate link in shorter version. Amazon offer various type of banners and widgets. You can promote them any places like blogs, facebook, twitter...etc.

Definitely People by more than one  - Once you sent person to amazon he will buy more than one products many times. This is very good for you. Whatever they buy, you have a chance to earn commission.

Holidays Brings Huge Income - This is your party time. Every amazon affiliates can earn more extra income through these days like Valentine day, Christmas day, Moms day, Dads day...etc.

# How to Promote Amazon affiliate links?

This is very important question. You can promote affiliate links anywhere like blogs, facebook, twitter, forums...etc. But, In my experience, I strongly recommended  blogging is the best method to promote amazon affiliate links. So, you need to build a better blog to promote amazon affiliate link. I can say, it is the reason of my success.

Firstly choose specific popular niche and start your blog in WordPress platform in less than five minutes ( If you have some bucks for web hosting). Because, WordPress is the best web platform in these days and it is very easy to control with your busy life. Lot of amazing  WordPress plugin available out there. So, no need to worry about your time. You can automatically add affiliate links to your post.

Recommended Plugin for amazon affiliates

EasyAzon Plugin For Amazon Affiliates

Anyway, Now we look at, how to generate amazon affiliate link from amazon step by step.

  1. First you need to go Amazon and Join with their  affiliate program. It is FREE.
  2. After registering successfully you can log in  to its dashboard.
  3. Enter any keyword in search bar hit enter. ( Search any products, you want to promote.)
  4. Get the links ( Long or Shorter version )

Amazon Affiliate

Note: You can create affiliate link from any amazon page using  in this method also,


# Top 10+ Tips For Boost your Amazon Affiliate Income in my experience

#1:  Select Specific very popular niche and Try to start your blog in WordPress

Product review is the golden egg for amazon affiliate. I suggest you to start product review blog. Select very nice niche and write product reviews related to that niche. For an example, If you selected your niche as Outdoor Gears, you can write reviews related outdoor gears. If  Someone need to buy outdoor gears, he visit to your blog and read your review after that definitely buy through your affiliate link.

#2: Traffic is Key Factor

Traffic is the most important factor to success any online business. It is same factor to amazon affiliate program also. So, If you want to success, you need to find good amount of  traffic to your blog anyhow. If you can find huge traffic, definitely you can earn huge commission.

#3: Add Amazon Affiliate Links inside your Post

This is best way of adding affiliate links. When your writing your product review carefully select keywords and add amazon affiliate links. People are more willing to click links while they are reading. It is very important point for us promote affiliate products. Also, add multiple links per post.

#4: Every product images convert as amazon affiliate links

This is very important method for increase your affiliate income. People always willing to click images. So, we can use this habit as a advantage to increase our income. We can add more images to our blog and we can add amazon affiliate links to them. More links mean more opportunities.

#5: Always try write real and true content. Don't copy. Fresh content

Content is the king online marketing. If your blog have best quality content, I am sure no problem about traffic. Because, visitors like to read fresh content and your blog goes higher place in search engine easily.

#6: Try always selling high value Stuff

In amazon affiliate program offer 4% commission for their affiliates at the beginning. It is very low rate. But, don't hesitate about that. ( I know some  people earn more than  $50k per year ). You need to sell always high value products. So, you can get higher commission. For an example if you sell $4000 product. You can earn $160 commission.

#7: Use Buy Now button

This is the another important tip to increase your income. You can try this.

#8: Publish Best Seller list monthly

Your visitors love to know about best sellers of the month. Because, they can know about hot selling items of the month. Also, they are willing to purchase best selling items. This is very good for us. So, publish a post about best sellers list.  We can able to increase our sales. You can find Amazon Best Seller List here.

#9: Use multiple tracking ID's for your blog

Use multiple tracking ID for your affiliates links. It is very good for both you and your sale. It will help to track your stats.

#10: Product comparison grid

Always try to give your customers to comparison chart for same product but various features. Peoples are wiling to compare the the stuff. It will be  help to increase your income.

#11: I am Not using banner Ads

I tried many times with amazon banner ads. But, I cant success with banners. Our visitors not much interest to click amazon banners. So, I can give advice avoid banners.

#12: Holiday seasons  is  your Party time

Holiday seasons brings more money to you. Lot of people trying to purchase online in holiday seasons like Christmas season, Valentine day, Halloween day, Mothers day, Fathers day....etc. This very good for amazon sellers. So, working hard in this season. i am sure you can earn big amount of money in these days. Only thing is creating content that is specific to the holiday season.

#13: Pre Orders help to increase your income - Try to promote pre odering items

Call Of Duty - Advanced Warfare

#14: Start social marketing campaign

Social marketing is very important to increase your sales. Lot of free social marketing sites out their like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,..etc. You can get more traffic using these tools and more sales.

These every kind of tips i tested practically and i can able to earn good amount of money. If you think, this article will helpful to you increase your amazon affiliate income give your valuable comments to me.

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