How To Make Money Online At Fiverr.Com

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You can use to sell or buy services for the smooth rate of $5. There is , which is a website offering more service categories range from graphics, creating small videos, web design, logo creation, market research, Lyrics for personal greetings, video animations, writing articles, reviews, personalized gifts, mp3 voice recording, finding you 500 new Twitter followers, handmade drawings, etc. There is only using $5 for all buying or selling of one service at one time. They are making it easier for people to start selling their services without the need for initial capital, physical location, client achievement and payment infrastructure.

FiverrIf you want to sell your things at fiverr, you should created a "Gig", which is a small service you are willing to execute for one Five Dollar ($5).You have to post it on the website, after registering here. It is free for everyone at You will be notified when someone orders your service at your own profile. Then, your work has been successfully delivered, within 48 hours. While you are creating your gig, you have to select a dead line for your service to convenience of your customers. As well, $4 will be deposited into your accounts and $1 taken by Fiverr to their site. So, PayPal account can be used to withdraw your earnings.

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To buy some service from Fiverr, You have to pay $5 by PayPal or by a credit card. Whereas your order is in progress, you can follow the seller's work, promoting services, managing orders, exchange files and communicate with them via profile. As well, you can seek background of your seller and feedbacks of his or her, before doing the order. Here is the facilities to protect you to select best seller or buyer for your pay out. After the delivery of your product or service , you have 48 hours to ask for changes or corrections from the seller. As well, you can grant feedback on the quality of work of every seller you do business.

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5 Responses to “How To Make Money Online At Fiverr.Com”

  1. MyFA says:

    thank you, i really need the information above - i really want to know how to find huge follower of twitter 🙂

  2. Mukti Effendi says:

    Thank you very much, i will try this How To Make Money Online At Fiverr.Com. But still difficult for to realise it

  3. Power Cords says:

    I have tested this website. It is same as like freelancer but however payments on this website are really very low.

  4. joliasam says:

    Thank you very much.........

  5. Helmuts Meskonis - Outlived Classifieds says:

    Well, I would add that in order to make money on Fiverr - you have to stand out.

    Probably, the best way how to stand out is to record a personal video describing your service. My experience shows, that gigs with videos get 3-5 times more visits than the ones without them.

    ... oh, yeah.. many Fiverr sellers hide their faces when recording the videos. It is the wrong approach - you want the seller to establish the personal connection through it.

    Helmuts Meskonis
    Outlived Classifieds

    p.s. and, it is a great resource to generate targeted traffic from (if done properly) 😉

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