How to Create a Google+ Page for your Blog/WebSite

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on November 8th, 2011 File Under : google32 Comments

Google has introduced Google+ page for their brand or website. For businesses and brands, Google+ pages help you connect with the customers and fans who love you. Not only can they recommend you with a +1, or add you to a circle to listen long-term. They can actually spend time with your team, face-to-face-to-face.

1. First go to Google Plus create page.

Create a Google+ Page

2. Now select "Product or Band" category and Add your info.

Pick a Category and Add info

After adding info click on "Create".


3. Now you can customize your page's public profile. Add "Tagline" and "Profile Photo". Click on "Continue".

4. Now you can tell your circles about this page if you want.

Get the word out

Share on Google Plus

5. Click on "Finish" button.

6. Next window will look this. you have created Google plus page for your blog or website.

7. Click on the name of your page and now can edit your profile. Finaly your Google plus page will look like this:

PBTemplates Google Plus Page

This is my Google Plus page for Premium Blogger Templates (

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32 Responses to “How to Create a Google+ Page for your Blog/WebSite”

  1. Aj Banda says:

    very interesting post, can't wait to try it. thanks!

  2. Arham Sukardi says:

    is there a widget that can be place in the blog like facebook like box ?

  3. patrick says:

    How to Create Google+ Pages by Easy Process>>>

  4. Muhammad Junaid says:

    Pretty informative post. Why not check out my blog?

  5. Victor Stanescu says:

    Google+ Pages for Business have been released only to highly disappoint people's expectations!
    They have brought little to no improvement based on their rival, Facebook pages. The only innovation they brought is the Google+ Direct Connect.

    Read more here:

  6. Nana says:

    Hi Lasantha, least you can do is to put your Google+ page (maybe on the sidebar) in this blog.It is easier for us to find .Thank you.

  7. atif imran says:

    very helpful tutorial thanks a lot

  8. santhosh says:

    awesome post ......wonderful message ..........
    looking great about this blog..............

  9. CT says:

    Hi, thanks for the info...May I know how to put the Google Plus Page inside blogger? I mean the one like Facebook Like Box...thanks...

  10. Merchant Account Setup says:

    I tried this application.
    Its really nice and interesting..

  11. Ab Azam says:

    Its becoming very tough to decide weather to use facebook page or google+ page. But the popularity of facebook is far big than google+

  12. Nikesh says:

    Thanks for the post, I am author of and I am trying to setup the google+ page for my blog.

    I just wanted to know how do I setup the my blog feeds in google+ so whenever I publish an article on my blog it should automatically get posted on Google+.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


    • Miamis Best Hair Salon says:

      This article is really help me lot to create my Google Plus Page.
      Well i am salon owner in Miami and i don't know about this stuff but when i come to this page.
      I got my solution..

      Thanks for nice article. I am happy

  13. TechGuy says:

    Very interesting post. thanks

  14. Saanvi says:

    Awesome. Useful and informative.

  15. Rehana Sulthan says:

    Looks like very easy to create a google+ page just like face book.

    How this differ from Facebook. have a look at

  16. Santhosh.V says:

    Thanks for help to create google+ page in my site.

  17. Fahad says:

    i did'nt like the display picture area, as it is quite offensive for those who have horizontal images, need to transform the image to fit for g+

  18. Shawn says:

    I really want to know that and you did it for me, i find this site really informative and helpful for me, thanks for all your effort and keep updating world!

  19. Ajnabii says:

    Thanks for posting, am going to Create A google+ page and thanks for posting nice Idea's.

    keep writing.

  20. Dark Silence says:

    i shall try this

  21. Rehut Team says:

    @ Shawn have you create your page other wise, I can do this for you!!!!

  22. metturtravels says:

    should automatically get posted on Google+

  23. ornamen dinding says:

    mr.. thanks for the info...May I know how to put the
    Google+ Page inside blogger!I mean the one like
    Facebook Like Box...thanks...tank and succes for u..

  24. jack says:

    thank you for tutorial , i want to create my page for my website

  25. omsx says:

    I got a very big Problem, I just want some solution for my blog. It is Too Heavy, and it is causing big problem for me. I want posts to appear in 2nd page, and i want first page to be without posts, i will add something else on first page, like a simple html welcome page or something like that. How to do that in blogger?? minimum post count is 1 per page, i simply want it to not appear in homepage, if i remove the post widget, it is deleted for all pages. what is the solution??

    Here is my blog, i want some good solution for it to be lighter like a simple html page. hope you understand.
    thanks for your expected help.

  26. NEW BUSINESS says:

    thanks for the information ..
    I finally got a way to make google +
    my first try .. I'll call again ..

  27. palak says:

    ultimate !! i like it

  28. Dexter says:

    thank oyu sir... that was helpful...

  29. Ayudos says:

    Thanks boss. I'm new to G+ so this was very helpful and lots of images to see what the heck im doing ?

  30. Igor Musardo says:

    Hello, first congratulations for your post!

    Recently I created a version of Google Plus +1 Box, like Facebook Like Box, you can configure and get the code here:

    See you

    Igor Musardo

  31. Mukesh Mali says:

    Google+ comment system is really beautiful! But one think is unexpected that it will consider share on G+ as a comment.

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