How To Add Scrolling Images to blogger

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on May 31st, 2009 File Under : html, image7 Comments

1.Login to your dashboard--> layout- ->Page Elements 

2.Click on 'Add a Gadget' on the sidebar. 

3.Select 'HTML/Javascript' and add the code given below and click save.

<marquee direction="up">

<img src="YOUR-IMAGE1-LINK"/>
<img src="YOUR-IMAGE2-LINK"/>
<img src="YOUR-IMAGE3-LINK"/>


Note : Remember to replace  YOUR-IMAGE1-LINK ,YOUR-IMAGE2-LINK,YOUR-IMAGE3-LINK with your images links.

Look at the example below.

<marquee direction="up">

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

<img src="" />


It look like this.

You can add more images as your choice. 

File Under : html, image

7 Responses to “How To Add Scrolling Images to blogger”

  1. BeautyBeauty says:

    Dear Sir, I was unable to get this 'up' scrolling Images. If I put your example in my blog, it is running perfectly. But My Images are not visible. Please Tell me sir, what is the problem.

  2. Nama : Muh. Satrio W. says:

    @BeautyBeautyMaybe your link was wrong... because same thing happen to me... If I put your link in my blog, its running very perfectly... I want some explanation... Thank You

  3. Jack says:

    Hello. I like this idea of scrolling pictures. I'd like to add one like this in my blog.

    Here is my very newbie blog:

    I just post anything i like. And right now, i want to post images in it the way some manga sites do it (eg: I mean, in MangaStream, they open the images on the same place as the previous one, and so on.

    Can i do this in blogger?
    Please enlighten me.


  4. Hicham says:

    thank you very much it looks beautiful in my blog this is what i was looking for thanks

  5. Aj Banda says:

    wow.. thanks for this.. i can use this on my banner exchange! Thanks!

  6. subbareddy says:

    can we add hyperlinks to the images .please tell me

  7. Charmaine says:

    is it possible to add texts and slow down the scrolling speed?
    thank you!

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