How To Add Google Analytics in Blogger

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1.Sign up for a Google Analytics account using your existing google account information.

2.Next step google will ask you for website (your blog URL), account name (wahtever you want), and time zone. Then click "Continue"

3.Input more personal information and click "Continue"

4.Now click "I agree..."

Google will show you a "Tracking Instructions". You will see " Tracking not installed" after Tracking Status, but that's ok, just ignore it and we will fix it later.

5.Copy the Google Analytics tracking code that displayed in the window, then "Continue". Next Page google will link you back to the main page, showing the website that your Google Analytics accout is tracking on.

6.Leave your Google Analytics page alone and,

a.Log in to your dashboard--> layout- -> Edit HTML

b.Scroll down to where you see </body> tag.

c.Now paste your Google Analytics tracking code right above </body> tag.

d.Now save your template.

7.Now go back to Google Analytics main page, click "Edit".

8.You'll be linked to another page, click "Check Status" on the upper right corner of page.

You'll be linked to the "Tracking Code" page, on the "Tracking Status", if it shows "Waiting for data", that means Google Analytics has been installed to blogger successfully!

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