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Depositphotos is the newest site on soo many sets of micro stock agencies. But, it has marvelous, unique & highest position on that due to their dedication, which has proven it self quickly. No one can compare with them as a master to show pathway to earners for their quality & genuine work on photography. Beginners are also very lucky to join with them with quality work due to easy way of uploading with unlimited supply. Always, they have very good demand for the qualified photographers & illustrators.

The upload system at Depositphotos is very smooth, when comparing with other micro stock agencies. They offer FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is, a method of uploading photos to micro stock simply as dragging all your photos into your FTP client.

First sight of my view, they could catch most of my attention for their superb buildup of website design. If you are an advertiser, photo editor, blogger, a content manager or a designer, the Depositphotos has millions of high quality photographs & vector images available at reasonably priced to feed up your needs. Sure you’d like to make your website / blog more colorful, add more visual content, images etc. Therefore, you don’t want to be sad, even though you can’t spend a time on images to create those by your self. There are many micro stock agencies like Depositphotos, since they offer a great service for affordable price. Royalties are ranked contributors level, which is based on the number of sales you have made.

They have plans & Prices

Depositphotos Plans and Prices

There are two types of accounts permitted to have up to a contributor’s account & a buyer’s account for individually. But, your account should be used only by you. Your master is ready to prepare you on the path also. They prefer to give you a free of charge, “Free Trial”. If you are activated free trial, you can download up to 5 images per day for 7 days, just starting the activation. However, you can use these for your own way of projects.

Winning Strategy

Good searching facility is acute for the achievements of a micro stock agency like depositphotos. It is a smart searcher. The depositphotos searches seem to very work well. They produce for simple one word searches rather than spewing out all images contain that key word in order of upload. You can enter searching keywords in any language available on the web site. But, English key words will produce the most effective results. As well as, search filtering based upon the file size, colour & other parameters can be set by using the advanced search function.

Depositphotos is using winning strategies, which are adding almost nothing new. The strategies they added were well chosen. And they spent a lot of money in all the right places. It accepts editorial images, glamour photography & vector illustrations.

Depositphotos has already achieved a record-breaking 5 million files in just two years, since 2009 by making better ideas with paid uploads. So, they are motivating contributors always by giving incentives.

New contributors are in depositphotos can be earn $50 as maximum possible upload incentives by uploading first 500 accepted files. They are paying 10 cents per accepted file. So, you can earn more for your quality work. Discounts are available above $100.

They use sub domain for contributors to their assistance. (
Depositphotos is always on track with social media by splitting personality. They are always with that media like face book & LinkedIn. As well as, their layout of site, design of logo & expression are eye catching on all the industrial people though just the once.

Revolution for micro stocks

Depositphotos has already given a facility to pay for photos through the mobile phone bill, in certain countries’ buyers. A single file can be purchased by choosing to pay using credits or by SMS. It is the newest revolution of the micro stock agencies’ world. Recently, they pay more attention to be advance via novel strategies. It is the world’s best fastest rising micro stock image company. There are many royalty free stock photos + vector images contain in site gallery increased day by day continuously. more details...

Approximately size of photos portfolio: 9000000
Alexa traffic rank: 1954 (A measure of the site popularity & lower number is better)

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