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This Article will provide you complete guide on search engine optimization (SEO) for blogger templates.If you have any other ideas please leave a comment.

Meta Keywords and Description

Meta tags are very important for SEO.So you must add meta tags to your blogger blog for improve your seo.

Submit Your Sitemap to Search Engines

Change Blogger Default Title Tag

Default page title for a single Blogger post is BLOG TITLE: POST TITLE. You can improve SEO by changing the title tags to POST TITLE ~ BLOG TITLE.

Change Blogger Default Heading Tag

Heading Tag (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5) is also important for SEO. All of Blogger widgets (gadgets) title use h2 or h3 tags. If you want to improve SEO, you need to use h1 tag for post title.

Use Social Bookmarking Services

Adding social bookmarking links can help you build your traffic and improve SEO.

Use Related Posts Widget

Use Read More... Feature

Use Recent Posts,Recent Comments Widgets

Use Popular Post Widget

Use Labels / Tag Clouds

Use Breadcrumb

You can use breadcrumb to provide easy navigation for your visitor and increase page views.

Submit Blog to Blog Directories

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    this is really very helpful article bandara...keep up the good work

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    an absolutely incredible post. being new to blogging this helped me out immensely. definitely worth bookmarking for future reads

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  9. William says:

    Hello Lasantha. This is a very good and through articles. I usually get a lot of bloggers going to my site to ask for such tips and DIY info. So i will be passing this article along to them 🙂


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    ThankX For this keep it up!!!!!

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    There is guidance provided in these blog and it is really superb blog.It is good for the seo.

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    Lasantha Thanks for the information ... now I want to apply it all on my blog now! 🙂
    Greetings bloggers ...

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