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A better blogger template is essential for a blog. It helps to attract your visitors to your blog and also helps them to navigate through your blog easily and fast. If your blog has a unique template, it usually help to remember about your blog in visitors mind.To accomplish this you can use a paid theme option or a free premium blogger template. Here I have listed better 20 blogger templates websites/blogs, when you want to select a better blogger template for your blog. These blogger templates are free, but when you use these template, be kind to keep the footer links intact which provides due credit to its authors.

1. Premium Blogger Templates

Premium Blogger Templates Blogger Templates by A best place to download free premium beautiful blogger templates for your blog.Our templates give to your blog a professional and unique look.

View site

2. BTemplates

BTemplates Blogger Templates by A largest blogger template directory with various categories

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3. Blog Template 4u

Blog Template 4u Blogger Templates by Blogger Templates Gallery provide thousands of blogger templates.

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4. Zoom Template

Zoom Template Blogger Templates by Zoom Template Gallery is a made simple and easy to find more Free Blogger Templates and Free WordPress Themes.

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5. Deluxe Templates

Deluxe Templates Blogger Templates by A simple and beautiful blogger templates collection.

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6. Best Theme

Best Theme Blogger Templates by Can found beautiful blogger template collection here.

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7. Blogger Themes

Blogger Themes Blogger Templates by A site which provide Unique Blogger Templates.

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8. Blogcrowds

Blogcrowds Blogger Templates by Another good and simple blogger template collection.

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9. Themecraft

Themecraft Blogger Templates by ThemeCraft.Net.

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10. Blogger Templates Free

Blogger Templates Free Blogger Templates by

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11. AllBlogTools

AllBlogTools Blogger Templates by

View site

12. Blogger Styles

Blogger Styles Blogger Templates by

View site

13. Blogger Template Place

Blogger Template Place Blogger Templates by

View site

14. Blogger Theme

Blogger Theme Blogger Templates by BloggerTheme.Net.

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15. Dhe Template

Dhe Template Blogger Templates by

View site

16. Templates Block

Templates Block Blogger Templates by

View site

17. Blogger Templates by

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18. Our Blogger Templates

Our Blogger Templates Blogger Templates by

View site

19. Chicablogger

Chicablogger Blogger Templates by

View site

20. Buy My Themes

Buy My Themes Blogger Templates by

View site

21. Splashy Templates

Splashy Templates Blogger Templates by

View site

22. Xml Blogger Templates

Xml Blogger Templates Blogger Templates by

View site

23. Lovely Templates

Lovely Templates Blogger Templates by Lovely

View site

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