How To Add Disqus Comment System to Blogger

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DISQUS is a comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install.Before this I have explain how to add IntenseDebate comment system to blogger blog and now I am going to explain how to add Disqus comment system to your blogger blog.

There are lot of good features with Disqus comment system when we comparing it with Blogger default comment system.

Realtime comment system

Comments become more like live discussions with realtime posting and updating. By offering a faster, more intuitive experience, Disqus is everyone's favorite way to comment.

Notification and reply system

The notification system lets people know when they've received a response. Best of all, they can continue the conversation straight from the email.

Inline media embedding

Full integration with media services such as Youtube, Flickr, and more. Attach media such as photos and videos right within the comments.

Mobile commenting

Fully compatible with mobile websites for commenting while on the go. The default mobile theme is formatted with smartphones, like the iPhone or Android phones, in mind.

Social integration

Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, and more. Let people login, comment, and share using social services they already use and love.

The Community Box

A quick way to show off what your community is made up of. The community box gives everyone a summary view of the activity and people participating on the site.

Liking and sharing

People can rate what they like by liking pages or comments and then sharing that on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

Moderation tools

Powerful and easy-to-use tools helps you keep your community under control. The moderation panel is designed for managing a large volume of incoming comments.


Our in-house anti-spam technology keeps spam and unsavory people out of your community. Our anti-spam continually learns from the rest of the Disqus network to keep your site safe.

Mobile apps

Disqus apps are available for the iPhone, Android, and webOS phones. Manage your communities while you're on the go with these freely available apps.

Blacklists and whitelists

Make daily moderation easier with granular control over who gets to contribute within the community. Disqus gives you powerful tools such as blacklists, whitelists, and word filtering.

Import and export

Import existing comments into Disqus and sync up your data. All data is completely portable and can be exported at any time.

International languages

Disqus supports dozens of languages in addition to English. Complete your integration with native language support.

SEO-friendly and local sync

We offer plugins and integration methods that ensure compatibility with search engines.

Theme customization

Customize with CSS to smooth out the integration with your website. Or, use our advanced theme editor to craft your own custom theme.

Tweets and reactions

Disqus brings the conversation back to your site by collecting Tweets, mentions, and other reactions from around the web.

Profile management

Commenters control their personas and reputation across the different communities they participate on. Disqus makes it easy to track and keep conversations together.

Activity streams

Audiences stay engaged with insight into others' activity all over the web. Integrated activity streams let people see where else the smart people are talking.

Connected communities

Disqus reaches 200 million people every month across half a million websites and communities on the web. Keep the conversations lively by connecting your audience with the millions of others already on Disqus.

Before follow the instruction given below,

(a) Login to your Blogger Account.
(b) Backup your blogger template.
(c) Make sure that your blog is using Blogger Layouts. See upgrade instructions if not.
(d) Enable commenting. See instructions to enable commenting. Make sure that Who Can Comment? is set to Anyone.

Now Follow the steps given below. You can add Disqus comment system to your blog easily.

1. First create a account on

2. Now visit this link to add your blog to the Disqus account:

3. Fill in the necessary details and click on "Continue".

Register your blog

4. Now you can see below screen. select the option as you like and click on "Continue" again.

Select options

5. Now can see installer instructions page.

Select Install Instruction

Click on "Blogger" instructions.

Install Instruction

6. Now click on "Add site..." button.

Add your blog to Disqus

7. You will bring to your blogger account. If there are multiple blogs under your Blogger account, be sure to pick the correct blog. Select your blog and click on "Add Widget" button.

Add Page Element

You are done. you can see Disqus widget there in Blogger "page elements" page. For best performance, make sure that the widget is in the bottom slot of the bottom-most right column.

Now Disqus comment box will appear under your every blogger posts.

Note : Do you have existing comments in Blogger? You can import them into Disqus by visiting the import page under Tools.

File Under : change template, comments, widget

52 Responses to “How To Add Disqus Comment System to Blogger”

  1. Technology Tester says:

    Really great explanation about the Disqus comment systems.Thanks

  2. hamada says:

    thank you ...

  3. Waryam says:

    Thank you

  4. TVAddict says:

    This look awesome in my blog but, the problem is when my template has a costume comment counter. When I leave a comment, this one do not reflect into the counter still saying "NO COMMENTS" Please help me with this.. and by the way, excellent blog dude, a lot of thing that we can use to our blogs and good quality things..

    Im not a good english write and speaker, sorry if you miss understand me.


  5. ladesman says:

    It doesn't work on my blog.

  6. Prasanna@Admin says:

    Go to
    Now Import Existing comments and make "Keep new comments synced" on. Now the counter must show the reading 🙂

  7. opo opo eneng neng kene says:

    no coment

  8. anto says:

    I have installed disqus. It works on main page of blogger. It appears below all my article. The problem is disqus doesn't work on additional pages

    To make it clear:
    1. Disqus works well here

    2. Disqust doesn't work on additional pages

    Please advise what I should do.

  9. Sofiene + HD says:


  10. Dargah Fatehpur sharif says:

    it doesn't work on my blog.............!!!!!!!!!

  11. Julia says:

    This is great! Now my comments can be an actual discussion. Thanks so much for posting this easy-to-follow tutorial

  12. id-yansoft says:

    nice info,thanks

  13. Gamer4Eva says:

    installed it on my website

  14. Kate and Brad Aldrich says:

    Disqus is great, I've been using is successfully for some time, but I just turned on Blogger's Mobile feature and I recognizes that Disqus doesn't work on it. What is worse, is it allows comments using bloggers old lousy system, which then don't show up unless someone is on a mobile devise. Any ideas how to get Disqus to work with Blogger Mobile?

    • toto says:

      Have a look at here... This is what you need to fix your problem

  15. Tips and Tricks says:

    hows mine-

  16. Viva La Manika says:

    I wish to remove Disqus on my PAGES. I only want it to show below my blog POSTS. Is this ever possible? Thanks!

  17. Josh says:

    @Viva La Manika, go to
    and you should be able to delete it from there.

  18. Abi Sabila says:

    I just installed Disqus on my blog …
    Now i see Disqus commenting box, and my old blogger commenting box …
    So how do I remove the blogger comment box from the articles ???
    Help appreciated …
    Thank you ….

  19. عمر أماسين says:

    thank you for this tutorial
    but comments don't appear in my blog pages

  20. Global News Top says:

    @Julia yeah this great tutorials for comment on blog

  21. ProfitConfidential says:

    i was using Disqus before but stopped using it within 1 week because it was loading very slowly

  22. Ankit says:

    hello i have one of your premium free theme named ilonry or something like that but disquss box is not appearing please help
    this is my web address

  23. Internet Filter says:

    Like the post. I love disqus blog commenting tool. Explained very nicely about the disqus. Thanks for sharing.

  24. prashant says:

    thanks for sharing,
    i'm looking for this one.
    keep posting.

  25. Kaspars says:

    nice one, helped me a lot!
    Tried to install on my blog

  26. Sam Daniel says:

    Really nice post. Comment posting is very good way to know others view .And disqus have taken it to another level. I will surely work with it . disqus provide you different ways to comment without wasting time to register for an account. Through disqus one can login using google, facebook, yahoo and many more . Very good post.

  27. ndark says:

    Thank you for such a great post !

  28. Suhaib Ilyasi says:

    Nice way to import Disqus comments. Thanks for sharing buddy!! 🙂

  29. Tara says:

    Thanks for this... how come the comments I exported no longer have profile pictures?? they did before I installed Disque/

  30. cell phone tracking says:

    It is True, that Disqus is the best! as it is helpful and many good options for me as well. I am using it for last 2 years, and with the passage of time it become user friendly.

  31. ps vita memory card says:

    That's great. I will apply this for my blogger blogs now. Disqus is still the best commenting system.

  32. newbajajpulsar says:

    what an idea sir..
    thanks for the information....

  33. Counter for site says:

    Yeah Blogger blog doesn't provide any inbuilt feature for commenting like WordPress.That's why we have to choose some third party comments.Disqus is one of the best option for this.Informative post.Thanks for sharing.

  34. Mike says:

    After reading so many nice comments, I will have to try it out soon. Thanks!

  35. ankara nakliyat says:

    It would be nice if the standard disqus implementation was less reliant on javascript and more accessible to the search engines too.

  36. youdld says:

    It's a nice tutorial, and i have very quickly added the disquss comment system in my blog, thanks for the for bringing out this easy guide.

  37. Abercrombie Outlet UK says:

    Add Facebook comment box in Blogger:
    Go to this link for create a facebook comment box
    1. URL to comment on : Give you site URL (Replace
    2. Select number of post you allow to in your blogger for facebook comment box.
    3. Select you width.
    4. choice your color Scheme.
    5. Click on "Get Code"
    6. In "HTML5" copy number 2 code.
    7. Go to your Blogger > Design > Add a Gadget > html/javascript
    8. Paste the code and Click on Save.
    Now, your facebook comment box in blogger added.

  38. max says:

    Thanks for your tutorial! Why don't you use Disqus system here?

  39. Marc by Marc Jacobs bags says:

    Thanks for your tutorial! Why don't you use Disqus system here?

  40. Apple Support London says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information I really appreciate it.

  41. XtianVader says:

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  42. anujm says:

    help me for creation a dicuss box. and don't suggest me

  43. ScoaladeMate says:

    Hi everybody...
    I use "disqus-commenting-system" for my blogspot-blog... it's a beautiful and very elegant system commenting (iframe-system), my question is:
    if i use this system (disqus-commenting-system) it will affecting my site in terms of seo ?
    Thank you and excuse me for my mistakes (my english is weak).

  44. edongzkisiete says:

    I will surely try this one. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Rohit says:

    Thanks for info....

  46. Facebook Likes says:

    I use Disqus. More neatly than the other 3rd party commenting system 😀

  47. Evden eve nakliyat says:

    Tnx A Lot Thank You

  48. Shruti says:

    hello my comments were appearing at the top right hand side below post title but after installation comments counter has came down to below post content is there a fix to get it back where it was before.


  49. Ricardo Pavlica says:

    I used to use Intense debate but disqus is the next best thing for commenting.

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