60 WebSite Designer Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Read below web designer mistakes list and always try to avoid from these mistakes.

1.Create Scannable Text
2.Avoid Tiny Font
3.Text Should be Easy to Read
4.Avoid Using Browser-Specific CSS
5.Do Not Use Animated GIFs
6.Create Easy to Use Navigation
7.Do Not Use Java
8.No Pop Ups
9.Include a Search Box
10.Do Not Use Too Many Pictures
11.Leave Enough White Space
12.Do Not Use Meaningless Flash Animations
13.Avoid PDF files
14.Change the Color of Visited Links
15.Do Not Change the Look and Feel of Every Page
16.Loading Pages Fast
17.Use a Unique design
18.Do Not Play Music Automatically
19.Do Not Use Frontpage
20.Do Not Link to Banned Web Sites
21.Avoid Website Stats Counter
22.Do Not Disable Right Click
23.Use Valid CSS
24.Avoid Using Free Web Hosting
25.Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
26.Use Valid HTML
27.Use a Consistent Layout
28.Use Image’s alt and Link’s title Attribute
29.Do Not Disable the Selection of Text
30.Do Not Use Frames
31.Avoid Using Big Pictures for Thumbnails
32.Do Not Use Too High Contrast Text Colors
33.Avoid Using Non-Standard Fonts
34.Avoid Using Bad Quality Pictures
35.Ask People For Their Opinion about Your Design
36.Avoid Using Captchas for Posting Comments
37.Do Not Use the Wrong DOCTYPE
38.Do Not Place Full-Screen Ads on Your Web Site
39.Avoid Heavy Javascript Dependency
40.Do Not Use Images Instead of Text
41.Do Not Use High Tech Tricks or Scripts on Your Website
42.Avoid Using Complex Backgrounds Behind Text
43.Always Link Back to Your Homepage
44.Enough Line Spacing
45.Avoid Big Forms
46.Support Autofill for Forms
47.Provide Contact Information
48.Do Not Use Complex URLs
49.Do Not Type All Text in CAPS
50.Do Not Use the Same Title for Every Page
51.Do Not Program the Web Site to Refresh after a Certain Period of Time
52.Do Not Use Footer-Only Navigation
53.Do Not Show Errors to Readers
54.Avoid Long Scrolling Pages
55.Move Important Things to the Top of the Web Site
56.Avoid Invisible Text
57.Do Not Ignore Web Standards
58.Do Not Start Videos Automatically
59.Design Web sites that Are Easy to Customize
60.Do Not Promote Yourself Overly
61.Use CSS instead of Images when Possible
62.Always Link Web Site Logos back to the Homepage

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  1. khaled says:

    Thank you! They are inspiring.
    Your blog is really a tutorial site for many new bloggers.
    This post regarding 62 mistakes we generally fo during the blog design is really worthy.

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