How to Redirect Blogger Feed to Feedburner

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FeedBurner is a free web feed management service is provided by Google. It can be used to manage feed readers of your blogger blog. This tutorial show you how to redirect your blogger post feed into your FeedBurner URL.

First signup with FeedBurner using your Gmail account.

Now create your FeedBurner feed URL completing easy to understand steps in Feedburner.

Burn a Feed

It will be look like this:

For example, FeedBurner URL of a my website is:

Feedburner URL

Now go to "Settings" › "Other" of your blogger blog. Under "Site feed" settings, you can see "Post Feed Redirect URL" setting.

Blogger Post Feed Settings

Post Feed Redirect URL
If you have burned your post feed with FeedBurner, or used another service to process your feed, enter the full feed URL here. Blogger will redirect all post feed traffic to this address. Leave this blank for no redirection.

Click on "Add". Now paste your FeedBurner URL into that text field.

Add Feedburner URL to Blogger

Click on "Save Settings".

Now try to visit your feed URL:

It will automatically redirect to your FeedBurner URL.

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  1. Dav7 says:

    But isn't FeedBurner closing down soon? They have stoped in time :\

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