How To Redirect your Blogger feed to FeedBurner feed

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on May 13th, 2009 File Under : feed burner, feeds0 Comment

If you have a blog and start to use FeedBurner to manage your feed, you have to change the auto discovery link in your template and redirect the old feed to FeedBurner, so you don't have to tell your readers to subscribe to the new feed.To Redirect your Blogger feed to FeedBurner feed follow the steps below.

1.Login to your blogger dashboard.

2.Go to settings-->Site Feed.

3.Now type your Feedburner Feed URL into the Post Feed Redirect URL text field. Remember to include http://

For example My Feedburner Feed URL is

I must enter it like below.

4.After you enter your Feedburner Feed URL click on "Save Settings" and your done.Now Blogger will redirect feed traffic of your blog to your Feedburner feed.

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