How To Add Scrolling Recent Posts Widget to blogger

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on June 7th, 2009 File Under : gadget, java script, post, widget1 Comment

I found this tip in .

1.Login to your dashboard--> layout- ->Page Elements

2.Click on 'Add a Gadget'.

3.Select 'HTML/Javascript' and add the code given below and click save.

<script style="text/javascript" src=""> </script><script style="text/javascript"> var nMaxPosts = 15; var sBgColor; var nWidth; var nScrollDelay = 175; var sDirection="left"; var sOpenLinkLocation="N"; var sBulletChar="•"; </script> <script style="text/javascript" src=""> </script>

Note : Remember to replace YOURBLOG with your real blog name.Also you can change below values.

No. of posts to be displayed nMaxPosts = your value
Scroll delay nScrollDelay = your value
Direction of scroll sDirection="left" or "right"
Character after each post passing sBulletChar="Any character"
Open link in new window sOpenLinkLocation="N" or "Y"

Now you are done.

File Under : gadget, java script, post, widget

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  1. artrockheaven says:

    thanks.very good, but why only 25 posts maxiimum;

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