How To Add Comment Feeds For Individual Blogger Posts

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This is very useful for your visitors to Subscribe to comments for the special blog posts of your blogger blog.

1.Log in to your dashboard--> layout- -> Edit HTML

2.Click on "Expand Widget Templates"

3.Scroll down to where you see this:


4.Copy below code and paste it immediately after the line <data:post.body/>.

<p style='background-color:#ffffc6;'><a expr:href='"" + + "/comments/default?alt=rss"'>Comments Feed For This Post</a></p>

Note:Replace YOURBLOG with your blog url name.

5.Now save your template and you are done.

Comments Feed For This Post

File Under : comments, feeds, html

5 Responses to “How To Add Comment Feeds For Individual Blogger Posts”

  1. mas doyok says:

    nice post 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    @mas doyokQue legal!

  3. buka rahasia blogspot says:

    thanks a lot, i need this 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    Thank you... nice post

  5. grace says:

    I've tried this and it really works. I just don't know where to get the codes for the colors I want to use. Anybody please help m!

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