How to Add Skype Link or Button to Your Website

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Do you want to include a link into your website for users to connect with your Skype profile? When an user click on your Skype link, he will be asked to launch his Skype application and he can automatically view your profile, leave a voice mail, send a file, add to contacts, chat with you or can get a call.

To add a Skype link follow this syntax:


Types of actions are:

chat : to chat
call :to call
voicemail : to leave a voice mail
sendfile : to send a file
add : to add to contacts
userinfo : to view profile

For example, my Skype username is lasantha.wam

Chat Link:

<a href='skype:lasantha.wam?chat'>Chat with Me</a>

Call Link:

<a href='skype:lasantha.wam?call'>Call Me</a>

Leave a Voice Mail:

<a href='skype:lasantha.wam?voicemail'>Leave a Voice Mail</a>

Send a File:

<a href='skype:lasantha.wam?sendfile'>Send a File</a>

Add to Contacts:

<a href='skype:lasantha.wam?add'>Add to Contacts</a>

View Profile:

<a href='skype:lasantha.wam?userinfo'>View Profile</a>

If you want to add a Skype image/button link instead of a text link, just replace the anchor text with <img src='YOUR_IMAGE_URL'/>.

For example:

<a href='skype:lasantha.wam?chat'><img src='YOUR_IMAGE_URL'/></a>

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