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How to Link Blogger Header to Another Site

As you can see in most times, your template header title links to your blogger blog that template has been applied. This tutorial explains how to link your blogger site header to another site you like. Follow the steps given below to link blogger header to other site. 1.Login to your Blogger account and go [...]

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How To Add Random,Rotating Images for Blogger Header

In this tutorial I am going to explain how to add random,rotating images for your blogger header background.When after you adding this feature to your blogger blog,header image of your blog will rotate/change in each page refresh.Before doing this trick you must create header images for your blog.In this tutorial I am going to show [...]

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How To Hide Description From Blogger Header

1.Log in to your dashboard--> layout- -> Edit HTML 2.Scroll down to where you see this : #Header .description Look at the picture below. 3.Copy below code and paste it after above line. display:none; Look at the example below. 4.Now save your template and you are done.

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How To Split Header Column to 2 Columns

NOTE: Instead of This Post Please Read This Post !!! 1.Log in to your dashboard--> layout- -> Edit HTML 2.Scroll down to where you see code like this: /* Header===================================*/#header-wrapper {width:900px;margin:0 auto 0px;height:190px;} #header-inner {width:900px;background-position: center;margin-$startSide: auto;margin-$endSide: auto;} #header {margin: 0px;text-align: left;color:$pagetitlecolor;} 3.Replace above code with below code. /* Header===================================*/ #header-wrapper {width:900px;margin:0 auto 0px;height:190px;} #head-inner [...]

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What Are the Parts Of a Blogger Template

There Are 5 Main Parts of a Blogger Templates.This is the basic description about these parts. 1. XML Language declarations 2. HEAD, TITLE and the META TAGS 3.Variable Definitions 4. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) section 5.Body Below descricptions  are Examples Of   Parts  Of the Template XML Language declarations <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 [...]

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