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How to Add Author to Blogger Blog

If you are going to run a multi-author blogger blog or if you need to add another administrator to manage your blog/edit your Blogger template, then follow this simple tutorial. Your blog team members can either be administrators or not. Administrators can edit all posts (not just their own), add and remove team members (and [...]

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How to Revert to Blogger Profile from Google+ Profile

Do you like to go back to your blogger profile from your Google Plus profile? Then this tutorial will show you how to do it. First go to your Blogger account: Click on gear icon in top right corner. Click on "Revert to Blogger profile". You will be asked to confirm it. Click on [...]

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How To Backup Your Blogger Template

Sometimes you need to edit your blogger template. Before do any change to the blogger theme, you must backup it first. Don't forget to do it, if you don't like to loose all customization did to the theme. Read the instruction below to backup a blogger template. 1.Log in to your Blogger account. 2.Go to [...]

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How To Hide Blogger Blogs from Search Engines

Although displaying in your blog in search engines is important to bring more visitors, we can hide Blogger blogs from search engines and remove our blog from blogger listings very easily through settings. This is useful if you are running a personal blog and do not want to become it "Private" through Blogger settings. [...]

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How To Stop Tracking Your Own Pageviews by Blogger Stats

Blogger Stats is a very good real-time stats service that's fully integrated with Blogger. You don't need to do anything to enable it for your blog. You can tell Blogger not to include your own pageviews in its stats. To do this, Go to Stats --> Overview of your blog. Use "Don't track your own [...]

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