How To Setup Domain for Blogger|Blogspot

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1.First go to or check your domain name here.

2.Then regiter a domain name that you want to use.

Note:If it's no available, you have to find another domain name. But if it's available then you can register it.

3. Now you have to setup your domain.So sign in to your account.

4.Go to "setup"

5.Go to "Manage domain"

5.Choose "Zone Records"

6. In the coloumn "Host" fill it with your domain name (

7. Choose "CNAME" for "Type"

8. In the "Value" box fill it with ""

9. Then click "Setup" Button.

Now you have to some setup in your blogger account.

10.Now Login to your Bloggr dashboard.

11.Go to Setting-->Publishing.

12. Then choose "Switch to: • Custom Domain"

13. Then click on "Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings"

14. Fill it with your new domain in the "Your Domain" box.

15. To Finish click "Save Setting" Button.

Now you are done.It will take 1-48 hours for your new domain to work. So please be patient....

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6 Responses to “How To Setup Domain for Blogger|Blogspot”

  1. ranjit says:

    Thanks for the information about the how to setup the domains.I register my domain name in the site
    But from this article I know good details about the U.

  2. moviemantra says:

    hello i have serious doubt i started a site on blogger with name and i setup a custom domain in it and when ever i type the address with out WWW it is showing some error and it is not redirecting to my blog and how you can do it please help me

  3. Swaran says:

    hey buddy it says it will expires in less then a year so what's the use ?

  4. Atom says:

    i have spent already 48 hours but my blog is not updated with

    when i type it shows me the store
    please help me

  5. PinoywarezDL says:

    its not!!! lol

    go here...

  6. Abrar A A says:

    Nice Thank U

    Oye Balle Balle zabardast Yar

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