How to Verify Site Ownership Using CNAME Record

When you are going to add your site into Google Webmaster Tools or to other webmaster tool service, you are asked to verify your site ownership first to continue. Google Webmaster Tools gives different verification methods. These site verification methods are: Using your Google Analytics account. Uploading an HTML file to your site. Using your [...]

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How to Redirect Blogger Feed to Feedburner

FeedBurner is a free web feed management service is provided by Google. It can be used to manage feed readers of your blogger blog. This tutorial show you how to redirect your blogger post feed into your FeedBurner URL. First signup with FeedBurner using your Gmail account. Now create your FeedBurner feed URL completing easy [...]

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25+ Free Blogger Templates from September 2014

This is our free and beautiful Blogger templates collection for September 2014. Blogger themes are included below are responsive and permits both personal and commercial use, but without doing any changes to theme credits. We think these blogger themes will help you to give fresh look to your blogger blogs. You might also like these: [...]

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24+ Best Responsive Email Templates

Email Templates usage of the mobile phones  and tablets are increasing day by day. Emails  need for businesses to manage detail delivering via mobiles for the growing mobile market. Designing for mobile is as important for your emails as it is for your website.Amazing business marketing starts normally use with minimal and simple email templates. [...]

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Top Selling WordPress Themes in 2014

Now you can get your hands on their most popular themes and save some money in the process. Bestsellers! The list of the top selling WordPress themes of all times. A great way to find Your new site’s design with these awesome products. The site is excellent place to web designers and developers and is [...]

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