How To Remove Low paying Adsense Ads

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To increase your Adsense Earnings by removing the lowpaying adsense ads from your account,follow the steps below.

1.First go to .

2.Now Signup for a's free and very simple.

3.Now login to your account.

4.Now Click on My Account.

5.Now click on 'Add New Domain'

4.Submit your URL,TITLE and Keywords.Look at the example below.

5.Now go to Generate Filter List.

6.Drag and drop your domain name into 'Keywords from selected domains:' box.Then you can see keywords,you give in step 4.

7.Now select 'MFA' and 'LCPC'.

8.Now click on Submit.

9.They will give you lowpaying ads urls.copy these urls.

10.Now login to your Google Adsense Account.

11.Click AdSense Setup.

12.Go to Competitive Ad Filter category.

13.Paste lowpaying ads urls into the box and click save changes.

14.Now google will not display low paying ads in your site.

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26 Responses to “How To Remove Low paying Adsense Ads”

  1. Iran News says:

    ice info, I will try this, but this is very useful?

  2. Hans Jr. says:

    can i use for blogspot?

    i try to reg with it... but it said no domain available.. help me please

  3. Blogger Tips And Tricks|Latest Tips For Bloggers says:

    Dear Hans Jr,

    Sorry for the error on my post.Now I made a correction in my post.Read this post again.Thank you.

  4. Urban Samurai says:

    Thanks for this.

  5. JeanPaul says:

    Thank you very much, I will try that

  6. Vimalesh Narayan says:

    This is a nice trick but unfortunatly ever since i applied it is showing me 70 precent decrement in my earnings....So by my experience i would not recommend anyone else.but the idea is definetly good for others who got success!

  7. Lukman says:

    this site not accept new users/members right know, please tell me if this site accept new member or what site do you recomend ?

    free ebooks download........all free

  8. mamun says:

    nice site dude

  9. Sayem says:

    Right know this site not accept new users/ their any other site to do this??????????
    Visit :

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great Info. Many thanks.

  11. Clement Charles Makule says:

    Well I never done anything like that but I have higher paying ads sometimes one click gives 1.26

  12. sun says:

    Is this blackhat or whitehat

  13. hindimp3ss says:

    thanks for sharing.....

  14. MMZ says:

    Nice Info give the one look at my blog is it ok or not

  15. Hina Naz says:

    After reading users comment i really want to ask Lasantha suggestion to use this or not. Lasantha you have shared gud contents so far so help all readers to use this or not.


  16. Aikyu says:

    thanks for info but maintenance now 🙁

  17. Bangladeshi shujon says:

    i cant sign up for can i sign up?on they showing this:We're down for maintenance at the moment. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay and we hope to restore service very soon.

  18. Maria says:

    can i have the ads list ?????????

  19. samuel says:

    adsblastlist is down, please any alternative?

  20. New Technology News and Reviews says:

    Thanks the site is given site is under maintenance. What can I do?. Please suggest me some other sites.

  21. Morning News says:

    I was searching for this info for a long time tons of thanks for sharing.

  22. How to Blog Blogging Tips says:

    currently is not working, so is there any alternative of it.

    Sanjan Bikram

  23. Anne says:

    great news thanks
    nice site

  24. Vishal says:

    I think adblacklist is retired now, you have any alternative to this ?

  25. abiola says:

    adsbacklist is no more availabe. what to do?

  26. idbloggerbuzz says:

    I think adblacklist is retired now, you have any alternative to this ?

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