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How To Get Your Own Facebook Domain/Username

Posted by Lasantha Bandara on January 11th, 2010 File Under : facebook3 Comments

Do you like to use short and simple domain name for your facebook account?Normaly your facebook account url will look like this:

It is very hard to remember.So using below method your can get simple url for your facebook account.For example this is my facebook account url:

To add your own facebook domain follow the easy steps below.

1.Login to your facebook account.

2.Now Go to

3.You can see a screen like below.Click on "More".

Get Your Own Facebook Domain-Username

4.Now enter your desired username as the example below and click on "Check availability".

Get Your Own Facebook Domain-Username

If your username available you can get it clicking on "Confirm".

Get Your Own Facebook Domain-Username

You are done.

File Under : facebook

3 Responses to “How To Get Your Own Facebook Domain/Username”

  1. Alessandro says:

    Thanks.. ^___^

  2. Hugo says:

    Thanks or in portuguese "Obrigado!"

    A lot of time i was looking for this issue!

    Good luck for you!

  3. RaYZoR says:

    Can you do the something similar for Facebook fan pages?

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